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You'll learn everything you need to know about working in and running the technical environment of a call center and telephone answering service. 

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Need a refresher on the basics? Or are you ready for more advanced topics? Find the right course to complement your experience. 


Whether you're using Amtelco, Startel, Avaya, Cisco, Asterisk, or something else, we've got content available to help you level up.

Advanced Topics

Learn cloud environments, high availability, software development, and API integrations to add value to your toolbox. 

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Our courses help transform your career by teaching you new and valuable skills aimed at improving systems reliability, creating new opportunities, and capitalizing on existing technology. 

With new courses being added regularly, come level up with us today!

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We offer monthly and annual personal and business plans for our subscription courses.

We also have Mastery courses, which are in-depth 8-12 week courses, available for one-time-purchase and come in both self-study or guided consultations. 

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